Firmness guide

Firmness guide

Choosing the right firmness for your new silicone toy can be difficult, especially without anything to directly compare it to. In this post I’ll be going over the three firmness settings we offer and describing the tactility of each. When in doubt, feel free to order a silicone firmness sample pack (available soon, sorry!) before committing to a firmness.

Another thing to remember when picking a firmness is that silicone feels firmer the thicker the object is. Smaller toys will feel softer and be worse at holding their own weight than larger ones, and larger ones will feel firmer even if they’re the same hardness as the smaller ones. This also applies to different parts of the toy, where thicker parts may be firmer than the thinner parts, even if they’re cast from the same silicone. Because of this, small sizes in soft and large sizes in firm may be difficult to use properly.


Soft is more for fun or practice than for utility. While it has its uses, soft is not meant to stand entirely on its own or push in by itself. It requires a bit of babying to do what you’d like, especially if lubed up. The firmness is similar to a gel shoe insole, and the surface mattes and scratches very easily if rubbed against something harder or handled a lot. It is very forgiving, and can be good for training or experimentation while knowing that the toy itself doesn’t fight back as much.


Medium firmness is the default. It should, for the most part, stand on its own in all sizes, with some minor drooping. However, dildos with a thin base may have a harder time keeping themselves upright. It is able to push itself with enough force to be usable, but not enough to be considered unforgiving. It has enough strength to maintain its shape even when horizontal on a wall, but not enough to where it ignores gravity entirely. For those unfamiliar with what they would want in a toy, or don’t have a specific use for a soft or hard version, this should be the go-to.


Firm is closer to rubber than silicone. It is forgiving enough to be bent in half, but will spring back instantly when released. It holds its shape, compresses the least, and will generally stand entirely on its own even in larger sizes. The surface, while still soft and smooth as silicone, is more resistant to scratching than the other options. Useful for veterans who know what they want, or people who just want a pretty table centerpiece that’ll hold its own weight and spark a conversation with any unfortunate surprise guests.

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