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This product is now generally available! If a size and firmness are listed as ‘in stock’, that means they ship out within a day or two. If it is ‘available on backorder’, the current production time is between 1 day and 1 week, depending on the popularity of the model. Be sure to follow me on Twitter to keep updated with the project!

Before choosing a firmness, be sure to check out our Firmness guide!

Take on the devilish angel herself with Passel’s spiny beast of a horsecock, now available as an adult fantasy toy! The long, slender shaft is great for depth-play and reaching the upper limits, while the semi-flared head stands as a barrier both to entry and exit, making sure it stays exactly where it should. The tapered tip helps with getting started, and the wide medial ring provides great tactile feedback at just how much has been taken.

This toy is available in multiple sizes and firmness to make even the toughest connoisseur meet their maker. Order from ‘small’, which is anything but, to ‘large’ which is a life-sized representation of the real thing itself.

While glossy and smooth toys can be fun, Passel features a skin-like microtexture, making the surface rougher and more realistic. This provides a bit more friction, and a less toy-like appearance.

When under ultraviolet light, Passel glows a vibrant pink. Makes for a great decoration at those deep afterdark room parties or artistic “photoshoots”.

All sizes come with a suction cup bottom at no additional cost, which combined with the wide base allow the toy to be mounted easily to most surfaces. The suction cup is designed to hold firm from all directions, but release easily with a single finger when the pointed ‘top’ of the base is pulled away from the wall. The white base will always be cast into firm silicone, ensuring the suction cup performs at its best.

Passel size chart

Height9.4 in11.8 in15 in
Usable length8.4 in10.6 in13.4 in
Flare circumference4.5 in5.8 in7.2 in
Flare diameter
1.4 in1.9 in2.3 in
Shaft circumference (avg)5 in6.3 in7.9 in
Shaft diameter (avg)1.6 in2 in2.5 in
Medial ring circumference5.6 in7.1 in9 in
Medial ring diameter1.8 in2.3 in2.9 in
Base circumference5.8 in7.4 in9.3 in
Base diameter1.8 in2.4 in3 in
Suction cupYesYesYes
Base firmnessFirmFirmFirm

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Small, Medium, Large

Shaft firmness

Soft, Medium, Firm

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